Home-Delivered Meals Program

Eligibility for Home-Delivered Meals
  • 60 years old and above or disabled if under 60
  • Homebound and unable to prepare nutritious meals for oneself

The cost of the meal program to participants is based on their income and necessary expenses.

  • In 2021, Meals on Wheels Rowan will provide free meals to 90 individuals who do not have sufficient financial resources to contribute to the cost of their meals.
  • Care Coordinators use the participants' financial information and a sliding scale ranging from $2-$9 per meal to determine the participant's monthly meal program cost.
  • The Meal Program Cost is $12 per meal.
Meal Delivery

Meals are delivered five days each week between the hours of 10:30 am and 12:30 pm.  Participants must be at home to receive their meals.

  • All meals should be refrigerated upon receipt.
  • Each meal consists of one "hot" tray and one "cold" tray.
  • Participants may reheat their "hot" tray in the microwave if they do not eat it when it arrives.

Each meal contains 1/3rd of the minimum daily nutritional requirements for senior adults.

  • One 3-4 oz. serving of protein
  • Two 1/2 cup servings of vegetables
  • Two 1/2 cup servings of fruit
  • One 1 1/2 - 2 oz. serving of grains (may be served as rice, pasta, bread, or dessert)
  • 8 oz of 2% milk to fulfill the Daily Requirement

To meet national and state standards, each meal contains

  • At least 700 calories
  • Less than 1300 mg of sodium
  • Less than 30% of its calories from fat
General Meal Information and Specialty Meals
  • Our meals are "diabetic friendly" as there is no added sugar.  Diabetics must limit carbohydrate intake as advised by their physician.
  • Our meals contain no added salt.  Participants are free to add seasoning as advised by their doctor.
  • We eliminate the use of garlic and onion when possible to limit digestive issues.
  • Currently, we do not provide medically tailored meals.
Substitute Meals
  • Each monthly menu will include two Substitute Meals offerings.  One substitute meal includes a meat entree and the other is a vegetable plate meal.
  • These substitute meals meet the same criteria as meals listed on the monthly menu.
  • Any participant may order a substitute meal in place of the menu offering.
  • All substitute meal requests must be placed by noon on the previous business day.

Click HERE to view our Menu.

Special Additions to our Home-Delivered Meals Programs

Meals on Wheels partners with various organizations, churches, and groups to offer additional items to our meal participants.

When available, we provide:

  • Daily Newspapers
  • Birthday Bags
  • Seasonal/Holiday Favors and Cards
  • Fresh Produce
  • Bottled Water
  • Emergency Meals
  • Electric Fans
  • Over-the-Counter Medications
  • Educational flyers on Health and Nutrition
  • Information on various agencies who offer assistance to the elderly
  • Pet Food & Basic Vet Care for our meal recipients' pet companions through our AniMEALS Pet Food Program
    Click the link above for more information on AniMEALS.