How to Apply or Refer Someone for Service


   Complete our online Participant Application/Referral Form. 
   Click HERE to complete the online form.


   Complete the printable Participant Application/Referral Form by downloading, printing, and mailing the form to
   PO Box 1914
   Salisbury, NC  28145
   Click HERE to download the printable form.


   Call the Meals on Wheels office at 704-633-0352.  
   Office hours are 9 am-4 pm, Monday -Thursday and 9 am-1 pm on Friday.

Important Information
  • Meals on Wheels serves Rowan County seniors over 60 years old or disabled individuals.
  • Each Program has specific eligibility requirements.
  • Meals on Wheels does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, color, gender, disability, national orign or sexual orientation.
Contact Information

Mailing Address

      Meals on Wheels Rowan
      PO Box 1914
      Salisbury, NC  28145

Office Location

      1307 S. Salisbury Avenue
      Spencer, NC  28159

Referrals By Phone

Referrals may be made by phone. Please call the Meals on Wheels Rowan office at 704-633-0352.
The following information is required to submit a referral by phone.
  • Name
  • Address (Street, City, and Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Health limitations/issues that prevent them from preparing meals
  • Energency contact(s) (Name, Address, and Phone)
  • Who we should speak with to schedule an appointment (Name and Phone)