Program FAQ

Read below for the answers to some frequently asked questions about our Meals on Wheels Rowan program.  Additional information about our program, how to volunteer, and how to donate can be accessed from the main menu.
Contact us through the Contact Us page or call 704-633-0352 if you have additional questions.
Q. Who is eligible for home-delivered meals?
▪ Rowan County Citizens
▪ Homebound Seniors over 60 years of age
▪ Homebound Disabled Citizens over 21 years of age (must be certified as disabled by the
  Social Security Administration)

Q. What do you mean by homebound?
We describe homebound individuals as those who cannot leave their homes except for medical, pharmacy, and essential trips.  They may be unable to grocery shop.  Rarely do homebound individuals drive.  It is difficult for homebound individuals to stand at all or for long enough to prepare a nutrutious meal for themselves.

Q. Can my friend or family member get meals if they have a caregiver?  
Individuals who have daily caregivers with the responsibility of preparing meals are not eligible for Meals on Wheels.

Q. Can I refer a family member to Meals on Wheels if I am a family caregiver and cannot be home during the day to prepare a meal for my loved one?
Yes, you can refer your family member to Meals on Wheels.

Q. Are home-delivered meals free?
No, we ask everyone to pay or contribute as they are able.
Currently, we reserve 90 spaces for individuals who need 100% subsidized meals.  These spaces fill quickly and  we fill each opening as soon as possible with an eligible participant.

Q. Who prepares the meals?
Our food service provider is K&W Cafeteria.  Each meal contains less that 1300mg of sodium and a minimum of 700 calories.  The menu is approved by a registered dietititan.  The meals look appetizing and are tasty.  Fresh and fresh frozen foods are used as often as possible.

Q. Who delivers the meals?
Volunteers deliver between 230 and 260 meals each Monday - Friday.

Q. How much does the home-delivered meals program cost?
The home-delivered meals program costs $12 per meal.
This includes:
▪ Direct meal cost
▪ Meal transportation to volunteer meal pick-up sites
▪ Site Coordinators, Meal Coordinator, Care Coordinators, and Program Director
▪ Participant assessments, registration, and reassessment
▪ Volunteer recruitment, orientation, and training
▪ Indirect expenses such as building lease, utilities, office supplies, software and telephone

Sixty-five percent of our participants contribute to the cost of their meals based on our sliding scale.
The average contribution is $2-$4 per meal.

Q. Are home-delivered meals a good value?
Yes!  Where else can you buy a meat, two vegetables, two fruits, bread or dessert, and a beverage for $12 and have it delivered?

Q. Does Meals on Wheels Rowan get any federal or state funding?
Meals on Wheels Rowan will recieve approximately $55,000 in 2021-2022 from the Home Care Community Block Grant.  These are federal funds from the Older Americans Act. Matching funds from NC and Rowan County are included.  According to the funding formula provided by North Carolina, $55,000 will provide 18 individuals with meals for a year.

Q. Where does Meals on Wheels Rowan get the rest of their funding?
Meals on Wheels Rowan gets additional funding from individuals, foundation grants, church partners, businesses, and fundraising activities.

Q. How many people receive meals each day?
Meals on Wheels Rowan provides between 230 and 260 meals each Monday - Friday.  

Q. Do you have a waiting list?
Occasionally, we have a waiting list.  One or two routes may be full.  We currently budget to serve 300 participants.

Q. What does it cost to serve one person for one year?
It costs $3,000 to provide 250 meals per year to one person.