Fuzzy Buddies Fun Day

to benefit
the Meals on Wheels Rowan 
AniMEALS Program

Our Fuzzy Buddies Fun Day event was a great success!  The goal was to raise funds and food/snacks for the pets of our homebound seniors and to raise awareness of our Meals on Wheels Rowan AniMEALS Program.

We know that if finances are tight, some of our meal recipients will give a portion of their meal to their pet companions because they do not have enough money to purchase pet food.  Many of our homebound seniors have mobility issues or illness that prevents them from shopping or lifting larger bags or multiple cans of pet food. 
We want to encourage our homebound seniors to eat the nutritious meals that our volunteers deliver each Monday -Friday. By providing food for their pets, we hope to reduce their anxiety and alleviate the need for them to share their meals with their animals.

THANK YOU to all who participated...sponsors, pet parade participants, judges, vendors, pet food donors, obedience course demonstrators, volunteers, and staff. Thank you, one and all! Also a special thank you to South Rowan Animal Hospital for lending the use of their parking lot and restrooms!