Eligibility for Home-Delivered Meals

  • staff60 years old and above or disabled if under 60

  • Homebound and unable to prepare nutritious meals for oneself


The cost of the meal program to participants is based on their income and necessary expenses.

  • The Meal Program Cost is $12.80 per meal.

  • Care Coordinators use the participants' financial information and a sliding scale ranging from $2-$9 per meal to determine the participant's monthly meal program cost.

  • In 2023, we will provide free meals to up to 100 individuals who do not have sufficient financial resources to contribute to the cost of their meals.

Meal Delivery

Meals are delivered five days each week between the hours of 10:30 am and 12:30 pm.  Participants must be at home to receive their meals.

  • All meals should be refrigerated upon receipt.

  • Each meal consists of one hot tray and one cold tray.

  • Participants may reheat their hot tray in the microwave if they do not eat it when it arrives.


Each meal contains 1/3rd of the minimum daily nutritional requirements for senior adults.

  • One 3-4 oz. serving of protein

  • Two 1/2 cup servings of vegetables

  • Two 1/2 cup servings of fruit

  • One 1 1/2 - 2 oz. serving of grains (may be served as rice, pasta, bread, or dessert)

  • 8 oz of 2% milk to fulfill the Daily Requirement

To meet national and state standards, each meal contains

  • At least 700 calories

  • Less than 1300 mg of sodium

  • Less than 30% of its calories from fat

General Meal Information and Specialty Meals

  • All of our meals are "diabetic friendly" as there is no added sugar.  Diabetics must limit carbohydrate intake as advised by their physician.

  • Our meals contain no added salt.  Participants are free to add seasoning as advised by their doctor.

  • We eliminate the use of garlic and onion when possible to limit digestive issues.

  • We offer a Medically Tailored Meals Program for those needing diabetic or low-sodium meals. 

Substitute Meals

  • Each monthly menu will include two substitute meal offerings: a meat entree and a vegetable plate meal.

  • Any participant may order a substitute meal in place of the menu offering.

  • All substitute meal requests must be placed by noon on the previous business day.