August is For AniMEALS

Dear Friends,
Meals on Wheels is best known for providing nutritious meals for homebound seniors. But we also offer AniMEALS for the pet companions of our meal recipients. “August is for AniMEALS” is a month-long campaign during August, when we collect pet food and donations at 10 locations across Rowan County. This year our goal is to raise $10,000 in donations and 2 tons of pet food. Donations will be used to purchase pet food and vouchers for rabies vaccinations, wellness checks, and grooming.  
We provide pet food to meal recipients who do not have the financial resources to purchase the pet food they need and to those who cannot get out to shop and have difficulty lifting larger bags or cans of pet food. By providing pet food to our meal recipients who own pets, we hope to alleviate their anxiety about feeding their pets.
Thank you to all of our AniMEALS sponsors!  You can drop off your pet food donations at any of the locations below. 
Please join us by donating pet food or contributing to "August is for AniMEALS"
The AniMEALS Team 
Kim Hardiman, Chairperson
Hardiman Designs
Debbie Barnhardt
Barnhardt Jewelers
Lorna Medinger
Hughes Plumbing Supply

*Funds that are donated for senior meals are never used to provide food or vet care for pets.